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Skull Island Tiger Prawns 9kg Carton of U6/8

Skull Island Tiger Prawns 9kg Carton of U6/8

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Track your box of wild caught sustainably sourced Skull Island Tiger Prawns as it is harvested, in the Gulf of Carpentaria from the world’s first certified sustainable tropical prawn fishery, travelling direct to Cairns and then see it travelling local streets until it arrives at your door. Skull Island Tiger Prawns are certified as sustainable and well managed by the Marine Stewardship Council and are certified as carbon neutral under the Australian Governments Carbon Neutral Program. This carton contains 3 x 3 kg boxes of raw prawns which have been caught, packed and snap frozen at sea.  

Home / kitchen delivery available in North and Far North Queensland (outside of Cairns and Townsville please message us first 0488 499 266 to check availability).  Delivering fortnightly from 16-17th September.

Thanks for being with us on the journey to getting more local sustainable seafood on menus across Australia. 


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