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**SOLD OUT** Chefs Edition Wild Gulf Caught Moreton Bay Bugs 5 x 6kg Box Large

**SOLD OUT** Chefs Edition Wild Gulf Caught Moreton Bay Bugs 5 x 6kg Box Large

Sale Price: $750.00


**SOLD OUT** PREORDER NOW FOR LATE NOVEMBER DELIVERY This one is for the commercial foodies that want something extra special on their board this Summer! That is the best Moreton Bay Bugs available from the most pristine and sustainable fishery in the Gulf of Carpentaria. These beauties come in 6kg size boxes. This Chefs edition has 5 boxes totalling 30kg of Gulf goodness! The deliciousness that will be created from these frozen straight from the ocean bugs is unimaginable! Also included is a page of fabulous content divided into neat snippets for you to use on your menus and social media to share with your customers the fresh, local, sustainable story of the harvest of these bugs. These Moreton Bay Bugs are caught, packed and snap frozen at sea. Delivery currently only available in North and Far North Queensland (outside of Cairns and Townsville please message us first 0488 499 266 to check availability). Delivering mid-late November. Thanks for being with us on the journey to getting more local sustainable seafood on menus across Australia.

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