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A delicious combo pack made up of a mix of beef and pork cuts. All fridge-ready in meal-sized portions and cryovac packaging. Made up of approx. 8kgs of grassfed beef and 7kgs of pastured pork. All meats grown and ethically produced by local farme


This pack is 10kg of premium 100% grassfed Angus beef. Cryovac packed in meal-sized, fridge-ready portions. Includes corned silverside, topside roast, rolled rib roast, diced steak, BBQ steak, shin (bone in), sausages and mince. Please not


20kg premium Angus grassfed beef pack. Includes rib fillet, blade, topside, corned silverside, rump, rolled rib roast, t-bone steak, diced steak, spare ribs, shin (bone in) - osso bucco, y-bone steak, BBQ steak, sausages and mince. Please