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Eco Banana Seconds 13kg carton of green Eco Banana seconds for $12 taking 3-5 days to ripen. Store in cool/dry place and remove lid after 24 hours. Separate bananas for slower ripening.   Delivery Delivery weekly to


2ot Chilli & Lime Salt. 240g Made in El Arish Far North Queensland. 100% Australian Product


2ot Smoked Chilli & Garlic Salt. 240g Made in El Arish Far North Queensland & Smoked on Tropical Australian Hardwood. 100% Australian Product


Tart and vibrant. A lively fruit vinegar perfect with seafood and salads or add to a sparkling drink


Create a refreshing cordial, a sensational cocktail or a gourmet dessert with this sustainably grown and locally produced Australian native rainforest syrup with the revitalising flavour similar to rosellas and raspberries.


Two 20 x 11 cm punnets of pea shoot microgreens. To harvest yourself.


Two 20 x 11 cm punnets of microgreens - choice of pea, sunflower, and buckwheat. To harvest yourself. Enquire about other varieties.


Two 20 x 11 cm punnets of sunflower microgreens. Ready to harvest yourself.


Made using our farm fresh Skybury Red Papaya.