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Our BVO is a versatile combination of Sunflower, Safflower and Canola oils with a high smoke point and neutral flavour. We have merged the qualities of each into one perfect blend that will ensure the star of your dish will shine through. &


Two 20 x 11 cm punnets of pea shoot microgreens. To harvest yourself.


Two 20 x 11 cm punnets of microgreens - choice of pea, sunflower, and buckwheat. To harvest yourself. Enquire about other varieties.


Two 20 x 11 cm punnets of sunflower microgreens. Ready to harvest yourself.


Everything needed to get growing sprouts and microgreens (just add soil). Gift pack contains 2 x sprout seeds (pea, sunflower), upcycled sprouting jar, 500 ml worm wee, growing trays, spray bottle and microsnips. Order for Mother's Day.


Grow your own pea shoot microgreens. Tasty, nutritious and lots of fun. Everything you need to get started (later you'll also need soil/mix and liquid fertiliser). KItchen Kits make great gifts - order now for Mother's Day.


5 kg of potatos grown in Far North Qld.


These little snips are just perfect for harvesting your microgreens. Great for herbs too.


Grown in Tablelands area FNQ by a local family owned farm. These sweet potato are certified Organic and grown with extra love and care.