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How Hot is it? - Our Secret Blended Hot Chilli Jerky Recipe Hot, but isn't over the top.

How Hot is it? - Slightly Spicey Beef Jerky With Pleasant Warm Tingle On Your Tastebuds Very little Heat, just leaves a little warmth on your tongue.

Mild Original Flavour. How Hot Is It? No Heat At All.

Beetroot, Lemon and Cheese Ravioli. Sold frozen ready to cook. Serves 2. Perfect served with a classic burnt butter sauce with lemon&/herbs&/nuts for a sensational meal

Beef, Bocconcini and Thyme Ravioli encased in a classic egg dough. Sold frozen ready to cook. Serves 2. Perfect with a classic tomato based sauce

Authentic Malay curry with an Aussie twist. Create a delicious curry with tamarind and mango flavours which are perfectly matched with seafood, chicken, tofu or pumpkin.

Chickpea and Roasted Vegetable Ravioli encased in a peppered vegan dough. Sold frozen ready to cook.

Spinach and ricotta handmade ravioli encased in a spinach egg dough. Sold Frozen ready to cook