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Create a refreshing cordial, a sensational cocktail or a gourmet dessert with this sustainably grown and locally produced Australian native rainforest syrup with the refreshing flavours of citrus.

The deliciously spiced paste, used similarly to quince paste perfect for cheese platters, adding to gravies and sauces or used to create your own marinade.

Mouthwatering full flavoured conserve of local blueberries and organically farmed Davidson (Ooray) plums.

Pleasantly sour and spicy fruit chutney. Its delicious complexity is perfect with Asian and Indian cuisine, cheese platters and cold meats.

An incredibly deep and rich flavour. Sweet and tart, the perfect salad dressing or balsamic substitute.

Distinctive Asian-inspired spiced sauce. Perfect for BBQs, stir fries and cheese platters. Create delectable marinades & dips.

Authentic Malay curry with an Aussie twist. Create a delicious curry with tamarind and mango flavours which are perfectly matched with seafood, chicken, tofu or pumpkin.

The jungle of Kalimantan meets the jungle of North Queensland. Create a delicious curry infused with Ooray plum and Asian spices perfect for slow cooking, matched with beef, lamb, fish (for a quicky), tofu and potatoes.

Create a delicious curry with citrus and coriander flavours which are perfectly matched with seafood, chicken, tofu or fresh vegetables.