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local produce connections

Farmer Meets Foodie is about bridging the gap between the farm gate and the commercial kitchen, connecting commercial foodies to the grower. We have developed an easy and interactive way to find out who has what growing and who is looking to buy in your local area.  Farmers, Harvesters and Producers will be able to update what produce they have available when.  Chefs, Restaurants, Cafes, Caterers, Green Grocers and Butchers will be able to register what they are looking to source, send call outs when they need something urgently and see what’s available in their area.  Our FMF platform is live and available for 28 days free trial.  Be one of the first to join the Local Produce Revolution!



FMF puts pricing in your hands.  Producers set their own price and commercial foodies make their decision on what’s available for a price they are happy with.  All transactions are direct between the producers and commercial foodie. 


Farmer Meets Foodie is for any produce that is grown or harvested in Australia, produce is listed under categories – meat, fruit, vegetables, seafood and miscellaneous (which includes everything else – coffee, honey, sugar, spices, edible flowers)


The beauty of Farmer Meets Foodie is that producers will upload produce when it is available.  Allowing commercial foodies to search for what is in season right now.  If you are a producer who only has produce available for a couple of months a year you have the option to opt in and out when your product is in season.



All members on Farmer Meets Foodie are operating in commercial quantities.  Producers will make it clear if they have minimum or maximum order quantities.


Getting produce direct from paddock or ocean to the commercial kitchen can be a challenge.  We have incorporated transporters onto the site who are willing to deliver produce locally.


At the moment producers are encouraged to enter details of any certification in the product description when uploading produce.  Soon producers will have a specific box to enter details of any certification that comes with their produce.  In the meantime if you are a commercial foodie requiring specific certification request this from the producer before finalising a purchase.


FMF is a great place for you to advertise your business directly to your customers, local community and interstate.  Your audience will be very targeted and consist only of those who are passionate about buying and selling local produce.


If you are value adding produce that you harvest these are also great products to list on the App.