Well, I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front lately!  My excuse, I’m waiting for rain…  Yes, sounds lame and somewhat disconnected doesn’t it, but really when it rains I feel very creative! I love nothing more than recoiling inside and listening to the rain on the tin roof and writing, drawing, painting, molding clay or having a game of cards!  What is it about the rain that brings this feeling, is it all the excitement, hope and renewal, the knowledge that new life is just around the corner, maybe it’s a nesting instinct that brings out the creativity?

For farmers it’s a time when everything often literally stops.  When we lived on cattle stations in the Pilbara in WA rain meant everything stopped, the bore run stopped, there was water everywhere now, so no need to pump water from deep underground, plus you couldn’t get more than a few metres down the road, the red dust turned to a heavy clay.  The 7 day a week, daylight to dark hours in the paddock my partner (now husband) was doing stopped to some maintenance in the shed and down time for everyone – playing cards, watching movies, a well-deserved break.

This is something that the modern world misses out on in a lot of ways, that stopping and adjusting to the seasons, the weather mother nature brings, things beyond our control.  There is something to be said for being that aligned to nature, I have been fortunate to not have been in drought for any extended length of time but know others that have, and I can only imagine how intense it must be to never have that release and renewal, let alone the luxury of creativity.

Last year Brisbane was expecting flooding again and the Premier of Queensland called for schools, public service and businesses to close for a day to keep people off the roads in an effort to reduce fatalities.  To close for a whole day was a massive event for a capital city and no doubt would have been very costly for many small businesses.  But what a wonderful thing that mother nature can still make us take notice despite us as humans doing so much to control our environment and lock her out.  I feel fortunate to have my office on our verandah where I can feel the seasons.  Some days like yesterday when its 36 degrees I’m wondering in the logic of this but perhaps it’s just another chance to rearrange the day and take things as they come.

The first few years we spent in the Gulf of Carpentaria at this time of the year, in the Wet Season, we would be stuck in a small town of 200 people for 3-4 weeks at a time (or sometimes stuck out on our way back from Christmas holidays), that was until they built a bridge over the Einasleigh River which reduced the cut off time to a couple of days.  Again though, this is a time for renewal, relaxation and often a lot of partying in remote communities where people mostly work very long hours in quite harsh conditions all year, it is a time where they cannot get out to their usual work sites, a time for maintenance, renewal and for some – creativity.  I wonder of the Traditional Owners in these regions in the millenniums before, were they also spending their wet seasons this way, food was more abundant, water easier to come by, were they taking refuge from the wet season and this is when they did their rock art, told dream time stories and developed creativity?  Are we, as we shut out mother nature more and more, in danger of losing not only our connection with food but also with creativity?

Our wet season has been a little late in coming this year, most years by this time, mid-January, we are soaked, with long green grass, daily rain and regularly being flooded in, either by our creek at the front gate or out on the Mulligan Highway – where the creeks and streams interrupted by the highway and the magnificent Lake Mitchell, can’t get the water out to the Gulf of Carpentaria fast enough.  It’s not usually cut for long, usually just a day or two at the most, but long enough to call time out and get creative!  Anyway the rain will come soon enough, in the meantime I will blog.

Post Script: Sure enough the rain did come early this morning, only a few mls so far, but its flooding in Cairns so more to come I am sure!  Seems that we can add blogging about having no rain to the list along with hanging out the washing, washing the car, planning to burn a paddock – as sure ways to make the heavens open!